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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Industrial Innovations

Industrial research at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory covers a wide spectrum of practical applications. Berkeley Lab researchers work closely with representatives from many industries to analyze and improve industrial processes. Current research focuses on such areas as:

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  • Developing measurement sensors and instrumentation systems.
  • Improving the resource and energy efficiency of industrial processes.
  • Analyzing the energy use of industrial processes.
  • Developing technologies, processes and benchmarks for better facilities design.
  • Developing new materials for industrial processes and applications.
  • Developing cleaner advanced energy technologies through research in combustion science and electrochemistry.
  • Analyzing industrial impacts on air and water quality.
  • Building public-private partnerships to encourage the application of the best-available technologies.
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Oil rig collage labeled exploration, refining and supply
Advanced Energy Technologies
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Industrial Energy Use Analysis
Industrial Partnerships
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